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1127 Connecticut Ave. NW,Washington, DC 20036

(641) 715-3900 Ext: 432169

Central City Concern

523 NW Everett
Portland, OR - 97209
(503) 525-8483

CCC was founded in 1979 and addresses the root causes of homelessness: addictions, mental illness and unemployment. Central City Concern serves approximately 13,000 individuals and families in the Portland area yearly with affordable housing, addiction treatment and recovery services, primar


499 West 4th Avenue
Eugene, OR - 97401
(541) 686-1262

Services for people with psychiatric disabilities living in housing owned or managed by ShelterCare, as well as in apartments in the community. Once people are safely housed they can begin to address any other challenges they may be facing, such as mental health, recovery, money management or emplo

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