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About Supportive Housing and Innovative Partnerships - SHIP

SHIP provides gender specific safe and sober housing for persons in recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues.

To be considered for SHIP Affiliated Housing, an applicant must complete all pages of the application and be interviewed by a member of the SHIP staff to assess the persons motivation level.

Other Guidelines:
Each individual must be willing to accept house rules.
Each individual must be able to pay his/her share of house expenses or qualify for financial assistance.
Each individual must have the desire to work on his/her recovery.
There are separate houses for men and for women.

To prevent drug abuse in our community, to rebuild the lives of people in recovery from substance abuse by providing supportive housing, to support recovery services, to provide employment training programs and green job opportunities.

Safe and Sober Houses Offer a Supportive Way of Living and
Opportunities to Learn Skills in a Therapeutic Environment
Not going back to where a person in recovery came from may be the single most important reason for Safe and Sober Housing. Using this cost-effective way to improve the chances of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction may be the best way to show the community that recovery works, and that person in recovery can become model citizens.
Residents receive 24-hour support from peers in recovery.
Learn alcohol and drug-free living skills.
Share responsibility for maintaining the House.
Opportunity to learn leadership skills through elected positions
Have social interaction and activities.
Learn how to get along with others
Individuals may live in Safe and Sober Housing as long as they want, as long as they remain clean and sober and pay their rent.
SHIP provides gender specific safe and sober housing for persons in recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues. The houses are congregate housing arrangements in nice neighborhoods so that individuals do not have to return to where they may have previously been actively involved in addictive behaviors. The housing provides a structured therapeutic environment that enhances personal responsibility and accountability and helps the individual gain drug and alcohol free life skills.

Please visit their website to confirm their hours of operation.

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Anonymous - Nov 16, 2021

Looking for housing in or near Boise, ID for my family of 4. I am on SSDI for a mental health issue and work some part time.

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