Better Community Development - Supportive Housing

Little Rock, AR
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3604 W 12th St.
Little Rock, AR - 72204

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About Better Community Development - Supportive Housing

Hoover Treatment Program
Supportive Housing Program
Affordable Housing Program
Empowerment Village
Health and Wellness
Youth Initiative Program
Passion Project
Weatherization Assistance Program
Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Please visit their website to confirm their hours of operation.

Mission Statement

provide service to people suffering from addictions.

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Anonymous - Oct 20, 2020

Mentally disabled 38, soon to be 39 year old female seeking transitional housing. Currently staying with family. Have never been independent and I have not contributed much at all the past 7 years. I have extreme anxiety doing some chores and I don't know why. Severe difficulty keeping my mind on self care and lean more towards self deprication. BPD, PTSD, bipolar, Major depression severe and recurring, GAD, and panic disorder. I receive SSDI only. I am unable to keep up with daily chores. My clothes sour when I try to wash them because I forget about them. I spiral quickly and get too anxious to do anything. I have never cooked for myself on a regular basis. I don't like shopping. I get anxious and sweat a lot when I'm around a lot of strangers. I have two grown children. I am not accountable to anyone and I cannot take care of myself. When living alone I had difficulty with finances, eating regularly, taking meds regularly, staying in treatment with someone who is a psychiatrist and a therapist. I use my regular family physician to give me meds that I neex for everything, psych meds are always started or changed in a hospital. I got out of an inpatient psych unit yesterday. It was a voluntary admission. I do not want to be a burden to others. I want to contribute to society and become a healthier person but that starts with self care which I'm going to need help with if I live alone.

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