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Supportive Housing Options in Mesa, Arizona

Supportive housing, a combination of affordable housing and supportive services, is designed to help vulnerable individuals and families use stable housing as a platform for improving their lives. In Mesa, Arizona, a range of supportive housing options are available to aid people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, people with disabilities, and low-income residents.

Transitional Housing

One common form of supportive housing in Mesa is transitional housing. This is temporary housing for individuals and families who are leaving homelessness and seeking permanent housing. It can last anywhere from a few months to two years and often comes paired with supportive services designed to promote self-sufficiency, like job placement programs and mental health services.

Subsidized Housing

Many low-income residents in Mesa have access to subsidized housing. This type of housing receives funding from several state and federal programs. The Housing Choice Voucher Program, often referred to as Section 8, is a major federal initiative operated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Under Section 8, qualifying households receive vouchers that cover a portion of their monthly rent. This helps to make housing more affordable for those who have low or below-average income levels.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent supportive housing (PSH) offers long-term housing and supportive services for individuals with serious mental illness, chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs, and those who are dually diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse problems who may become homeless. These services are not time-limited and are provided as long as tenants remain in their housing.

The state of Arizona provides a subsidy for PSH through the Arizona Department of Housing. They offer a rental assistance program specifically for individuals and families who are transitioning out of homeless situations. This program focuses primarily on those with disabilities, with particular attention to those who are chronically homeless.

Affordable Housing Tax Credit Properties

Affordable Housing Tax Credit Properties, or Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties, is another option available. These are housing projects funded by a federal tax incentive program which encourages the creation of affordable rental housing. Investors receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in their federal tax liability in exchange for providing financing to develop affordable rental housing.

Non-Profit Assistance

Outside of government assistance, a variety of non-profit organizations also offer supportive housing opportunities in Mesa. For example, A New Leaf is an organization that offers both temporary shelter and long-term housing solutions. Other organizations, like Save the Family, focus specifically on helping families avoid homelessness and achieve self-sufficiency.

House of Refuge, meanwhile, provides transitional housing to families who are experiencing homelessness, while at the same time offering resources for education, employment, and self-sufficiency. New Town Community Development Corporation is another non-profit that provides affordable housing in Mesa and its neighboring areas.

Overall, the city of Mesa provides a range of supportive housing options to aid its vulnerable residents. The combination of these options helps ensure that every resident has access to stable housing and supportive services that can aid them in improving their lives.

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