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Supportive Housing For All Those Who Are Evacuating From Hurricane Irma

  Sep 18, 2017

FIU parking garages have become one of the best places for people to go if they have special needs in the aftermath of hurricane Irma. Irma made it every difficult for many of these people to evacuate, or they were stuck without the same kind of mobility that people have when they do not have special needs. It is very important for someone who is in a wheelchair or has other issues getting around is able to get what they need just by making sure that they have made these choices to come to this parking garage.

There was a story of one person who went to get cigarettes when they evacuated and the bus left without them. They have ended up in this parking garage because they want to know that they can be safe and covered from the rain and weather. FIU has welcomed them in because there are so many things that need to be done for these people that cannot be done in any other place. The whole area is struggling to find services and help for the people who need it, and it is very hard for these people to move on because getting out of this place would be just as hard as how they got there.

There are some people who are going to come there because they are amputees or in wheelchairs, and it is very hard for people to be sure that they will be able to get the care that they need because they cannot get to shelters or the shelters are already full. Their homes could have been washed away, and that is very hard for people to deal with because they cannot be out on the street.

This parking garage is just one place that people have landed, but they cannot stay there forever. These people need supportive housing that will make their lives easier, and they will make it so that they could get the things that they need. It is also important for them to have the places to live that will last a lot longer than this parking garage.

The city can give them supportive housing that will help them have resent paid while they try to recover. It is very easy for people to have a nice time when they are trying to change their lives, and they will be very interested in the fact that they can do things that are right for them. They can ask the city for funds, but the city has to finish recovering first.

Everyone who is trying to have a better living situation after Irma needs to be sure that they can have the services that they need. The city of Miami is moving to get these people help, but they are in this parking garage for the time being. People who are afraid of their living situation need to get to cover and waiting for supportive housing to start. Miami is trying to keep up as much as possible.


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